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Brakes are one of if not the most important aspect of driving. Knowing you will slow down or stop everytime the brake is depressed is something we take for granted. At Phoenix Close Honda Specialists we believe in using quality genuine Honda parts everytime. These are the parts the vehicle was designed to work with and give the best results.

Brake Repairs

When you are considering purchasing brakes for your vehicle it will prove more advantageous to use genuine Honda parts. Most suppliers will stock brakes for Hondas and may try to persuade you that there is no difference between the two, just the price. I've known that to not be the case, with most suppliers there are normally just 4 brake pads in a box. Genuine Honda brakes come with 4 brake pads, 4 anti rattle pad shims, 2 piston shims and 4 new brake caliper bolts. This fitting kit is not available to buy on it's own and only comes when genuine brakes are bought.

Although genuine Honda brakes are a slightly higher price, when you consider all the extra fitting parts that come with them, helping fit them correctly as they were built is extremely beneficial. However there are some people who choose to upgrade their brakes. Buying bigger brake discs, drilled and grooved discs, performance brake pads or even bigger brake calipers with more pistons.

Brake Repairs

Phoenix Close Honda Specialists can also fit these parts if supplied by the customer. Choosing to go with a well known braking company can only boost the braking capabilities and will always be welcomed.

Whether choosing genuine Honda parts or opting to go for a bigger or more sporty brake package, we will always fit correct first time. Unlike main dealerships we are not timed and having to fit against the clock. This ensures there is nothing left out and all the correct steps are taken when installing your new brakes.



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