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Honda Servicing

Servicing and maintaining your car is crucial to keep you trouble free for the coming 12 months. Honda recommends that their vehicles are serviced either every 12 months or 12,500 miles (whichever comes first) each service has specific items that are recommended to be replaced with either the age or mileage of the vehicle. For example a 12 month or 12,500 mile service advises that the oil and oil filter be replaced as well as the tyres be set and fluids be topped up with an intensive check over of the vehicle. A 36 month or 37,500 mile service has the same parts and job as a 12 month or 12,500 service but recommends that the brake fluid be replaced.

Each service interval has a set labour time and price given depending on the model of Honda you own. Labour prices can be expensive at a main dealer and additional items found to be in need of replacing can also add up both in labour times and parts costs.

Phoenix Close Honda Specialists are dedicated to providing the exact same service and quality expected at main dealers without the high labour and part costs. Genuine Honda parts will always be used when servicing and replacing parts as the quality and reassurance over non genuine parts is easy to see.

Given that we don't have a set time allowcated to servicing your car the time spent working on the vehicle is often longer than the time given from the main dealerships. This again means that more time and concentration is aimed at fully inspecting and maintaining your car.

Please don't forget to bring your service book with you when having a service carried out. Having a fully stamped service book is proof that your vehicle has been cared for and maintained.

If your Vehicle has locking wheel nuts fitted then please leave the locking whel nut key to hand. This saves time and helps us from either having to look throughout the car or even ringing you to locate it.

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