Genuine Honda Parts

At Phoenix Close Honda Specialists we always use genuine Honda parts unless instructed not to by the customer. Using genuine parts means first time fit is correct and the durability of the item replaced remains the same.

Honda is known worldwide for reliability so replacing parts with genuine parts corresponds with this. Although genuine parts are fractionally more expensive the quality stands way ahead of any other replacement part. A lot of genuine Honda parts come with extra pieces like grease, bolts and fitting kits that other suppliers don’t.

Again this backs up the fact that the first time fit will be correct and the part is made to fit without any modification, speeding up the job being carried out.

With the experience and length of time I worked at main Honda dealers for I have built up a fantastic relationship with the staff in the parts department. This means I get most of the genuine parts I need at a trade price and deliveries are daily. When ordering parts most will arrive the next working day. If the part needed isn’t a common part that is usually replaced or needed then I will receive two working days after placing the order. I believe the small wait for the correct part is more beneficial than ordering from another supplier.

Keeping your Honda a Honda is what we try to do to the best of our capabilities. I’m sure that one of the reasons you chose to buy a Honda in the first place is because of their reputation of reliability, so using a lesser replacement part doesn’t really make sense.