Our Services

Servicing and maintaining your car is crucial to keep you trouble free for the coming 12 months. Honda recommends that their vehicles are serviced either every 12 months or 12,500 miles (whichever comes first) each service has specific items that are recommended to be replaced with either the age or mileage of the vehicle. For example a 12 month or 12,500 mile service advises that the oil and oil filter be replaced as well as the tyres be set and fluids be topped up with an intensive check over of the vehicle. A 36 month or 37,500 mile service has the same parts and job as a 12 month or 12,500 service but recommends that the brake fluid be replaced.

Each service interval has a set labour time and price given depending on the model of Honda you own. Labour prices can be expensive at a main dealer and additional items found to be in need of replacing can also add up both in labour times and parts costs.

Phoenix Honda Specialists are dedicated to providing the exact same service and quality expected at main dealers without the high labour and part costs. Genuine Honda parts will always be used when servicing and replacing parts as the quality and reassurance over non genuine parts is easy to see.

Given that we don’t have a set time allocated to servicing your car the time spent working on the vehicle is often longer than the time given from the main dealerships. This again means that more time and concentration is aimed at fully inspecting and maintaining your car.

Please don’t forget to bring your service book with you when having a service carried out. Having a fully stamped service book is proof that your vehicle has been cared for and maintained.

If your vehicle has locking wheel nuts fitted then please leave the locking wheel nut key to hand. This saves time and helps us from either having to look throughout the car or even ringing you to locate it.

At Phoenix Honda Specialists diagnosing a warning light or resetting a service light couldn’t be easier. Our diagnostic equipment is the exact same used in the Honda dealerships and is superior over and other diagnostic/scanning software. Finding faults and obtaining their individual fault code is simple, as well as working through the troubleshooting to rectify the fault.

Each fault that will cause a warning light to come on your dash board whether it be an engine light, ABS light or SRS/airbag light and will have its own unique DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) . Once we have obtained the code number we can then go straight onto diagnosing why this fault has happened with the correct troubleshooting procedure for the DTC.

Using the HDS (Honda Diagnostic Software) finding faults that are present but not causing a warning light to indicate one is also very helpful. A live data list can be accessed to see how the vehicle is behaving whilst running and will show any misfires or irregularities that occur. Things like manifold pressures and coolant temperatures can be seen making it easy to view anything that shouldn’t be happening.

Newer Honda model’s have a service light that will indicate when particular parts need checking or replacing. Also informs the customer when a service is required in both days and mileage form. For some people it can be rather annoying when messages are appearing on the dash board, not a problem this can be turned off if requested. This system is known as SVRS.


Coding keys, adding keys and coding immobilser units can also be carried out using the HDS. This means that if you lose or have your keys stolen the codes stored within the key and immobiliser control unit can be changed to make the keys useless. Adding another or spare key for your vehicle can also be coded using the HDS.

All these reasons make the HDS the most important piece of diagnostic equipment for your Honda vehicle.

Although Phoenix Honda Specialists isn’t a MOT station, MOT repairs are always welcomed. Being a qualified MOT tester myself I know the feeling customers face when being told their vehicle has failed.

We carry out all aspects of MOT repair work from small items like bulbs and wipers to major items such as steering racks and engine work. Genuine Honda parts will always be used unless stated by the customer but our aim is to try to keep your Honda a Honda.

At Phoenix Honda Specialists we understand that your vehicle is very important to you and needs to be roadworthy. We offer 10% off any MOT repair work your vehicle needs to pass it’s MOT.

I know some people doubt the authenticity of some of the items their car has failed on and are therefore unsure about allowing the MOT station carry out the repair they claim needs doing.

We are here to replace or repair the failed item and show and explain to the customer exactly why the item has failed, giving the customer the confidence to return their car for the MOT retest and also return back to Phoenix Honda Specialists for any future repairs. 10% off any MOT repair work plus the reassurance the part has been replaced with a genuine Honda product gives peace of mind back to the customer.

Brakes are one of if not the most important aspect of driving. Knowing you will slow down or stop every time the brake is depressed is something we take for granted. At Phoenix Honda Specialists we believe in using quality genuine Honda parts every time. These are the parts the vehicle was designed to work with and give the best results. When you are considering purchasing brakes for your vehicle it will prove more advantageous to use genuine Honda parts. Most suppliers will stock brakes for Hondas and may try to persuade you that there is no difference between the two, just the price. I’ve known that to not be the case, with most suppliers there are normally just 4 brake pads in a box. Genuine Honda brakes come with 4 brake pads, 4 anti rattle pad shims, 2 piston shims and 4 new brake caliper bolts. This fitting kit is not available to buy on it’s own and only comes when genuine brakes are bought. Although genuine Honda brakes are a slightly higher price, consider all the extra fitting parts that come with them. Helping fit them correctly as they were built is extremely beneficial. However there are some people who choose to upgrade their brakes. Buying bigger brake discs, drilled and grooved discs, performance brake pads or even bigger brake calipers with more pistons. Phoenix Honda Specialists can fit these parts if supplied by the customer. Choosing to go with a well known braking company can only boost the braking capabilities and will always be welcomed. Whether choosing genuine Honda parts or opting to go for a bigger or more sporty brake package, we will always fit correct first time. Unlike main dealerships we are not timed and having to fit against the clock. This ensures there is nothing left out and all the correct steps are taken when installing your new brakes.